Angel Leaf Medical Cannabis Dispensary

9 Roux 61 Drive Unit A
Natchez, MS 39120

Angel Leaf Medical Cannabis Dispensary is now open, located in historic Natchez, Mississippi,. Angel Leaf provides a safe, comfortable, discreet dispensary that offers the most expansive menu of products in Natchez, sourced from both large and small cultivators. With the patient in mind we provide affordable medicines to ensure access to all. Angel Leaf has knowledgeable and experienced staff that will assist you with concierge services and patient-centered support. We offer a full range of care from personal consultation to online ordering. Come experience the Angel Leaf concierge service today.

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Where are we Located?

The company location is 5925 I-55 South, on the frontage road approximately 0.5 miles south of the main Byram exit on I-55. Our facility was formerly occupied by Unified Brands.

What about our site?

Our facility is ~37,000 square feet on more than 3.5 acres. At full capacity, we will have ~15,000 square feet of flowering canopy.

How much construction is underway?

Our initial $8 million capital plan involves building renovations for cultivation, processing / manufacturing and security infrastructure. We will also have a dispensary on site with an expected opening in January 2023.

When will construction be completed?

The cultivation and processing construction is complete, and our dispensary is open!

When will be open for sale to medical cannabis patients?

We expect the dispensary to be open in January 2023.

What products will be available for patients?

River Remedy will produce cannabis flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, edibles and other consumable medical cannabis products.

When will we be hiring?

Please refer to the Careers section of the website.

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