for Mississippi Cannabis Industry

In order to work in the cannabis industry in Mississippi, you need to successfully complete a Work Permit application administered by the Mississippi Department of Health. This process involves a background check conducted by the Mississippi Department of Health. Please see below for additional details on the step-by-step process to work in the cannabis industry.

Step 1

Visit the MS Department of Health Website for general information on the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program:

MS Department of Health Website

Step 2

Download a Work Permit Affidavit and execute it in the presence of a Notary Public.

Work Permit Affidavit

Step 3

Visit the MS Department of Health Fingerprinting Unit at the following address to collect a physical, blank fingerprint card.

MSDH Fingerprint Unit
143B Lefleur’s Square
Jackson, MS 39211

Directions to MSDH Fingerprint Unit

Step 4

Visit a police station or other fingerprinting vendor to record fingerprints on the card received from the Fingerprinting Unit at the Health Department. Please use the blank fingerprint card provided by the MS Dept. of Health Fingerprinting Unit.

In the Jackson Metro Area, Monday to Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, you can visit:

Jackson Police Headquarters

ID Unit Second Floor
327 E Pascagoula Street

At this particular location, the cost is $15 (exact change required). Please ensure you also bring a government issued ID.

Step 5

After you have a completed fingerprint card, scan a digital copy for your records and return the card to the MS Dept. of Health and then apply for a Work Permit.

Register and Apply for Work Permit

Step 6

On the application portal, please upload scanned copies of your fingerprint card, work permit affidavit, and a separate document stating when you dropped off the completed fingerprint card at the Fingerprinting Unit.

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