River Remedy's Living Soil Flower Room & Compost Teas Alchemy

Nestled in Byram, MS, River Remedy takes organic cannabis cultivation to new heights through the artistry of our "living soil" flower room. Here, the synergy of companion plants, beneficial insects, and our secret ingredient—compost teas—conspires to elevate terpenes and THC in our cannabis strains.

Living Soil and Organic Cultivation:

Our commitment to organic excellence is deeply rooted in the "living soil" method, a philosophy that creates a self-sustaining ecosystem. As we embrace this holistic approach, we delve into the alchemy of compost teas, unlocking their potential to foster unparalleled terpene and THC production.

Companion Plants in the Living Soil Room:

In our living soil room, the selection of companion plants is a carefully orchestrated ensemble designed to amplify terpenes and THC. Now, let's explore the addition of compost teas to this symphony:

Clover: Nitrogen fixation from clover finds harmony with compost teas, ensuring a nutrient-rich environment that supports robust terpene and THC synthesis.

Basil: The aromatic compounds in basil complement the diverse microbial life nurtured by compost teas, enhancing the overall terpene profile of our cannabis strains.

Nasturtium: The introduction of compost teas fortifies the soil microbiome, working in tandem with nasturtium to stimulate terpene production in response to insect interactions.

Marigolds: Compost teas contribute to soil health, fortifying the roots of cannabis plants protected by marigolds. This synergy supports optimal nutrient absorption for enhanced terpene and THC production.

Cilantro: Compost teas foster a dynamic microbial community that synergizes with cilantro's aromatic attributes, promoting a more vibrant terpene profile.

Dill: Beneficial microbes thriving in compost teas create a balanced ecosystem, allowing dill to attract insects that benefit cannabis plants, all while contributing to terpene and THC synthesis.

Sage: The introduction of compost teas enhances soil fertility, supporting sage in its role as a natural pest repellent and contributing to a more complex terpene profile.

Rosemary: Compost teas nourish the soil, complementing rosemary's pest-repelling qualities and enriching the terpene composition of our cannabis strains.

Compost Teas: The Hidden Elixir

In River Remedy's living soil flower room, compost teas take center stage. This nutrient-rich liquid, derived from composted organic matter, is a powerhouse of microbial life. By brewing our own compost teas, we introduce a diverse array of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and nutrients into the soil. This not only enhances soil structure but also promotes a thriving microbial community that directly benefits terpene and THC production.

Beneficial Insects:

Complementing the living soil approach and companion plants, compost teas fortify the ecosystem, providing an ideal environment for beneficial nematodes. This collaboration further supports the cultivation of cannabis with heightened terpenes and THC, creating a harmonious balance in the living soil room.

Eliminating Harsh Pesticides and Chemicals:

The use of compost teas not only enriches the soil but also eliminates the need for harsh pesticides and synthetic chemicals. This ensures that our cannabis plants can focus on terpene and THC production, free from external stressors.

At River Remedy, we unveil the secrets of our living soil flower room, where the alchemy of compost teas transforms cultivation into an organic symphony. Join us on this journey, where the meticulous integration of companion plants and the magic of compost teas converge to nurture nature's masterpiece. Experience cannabis elevated to its purest form, where terpenes and THC dance in harmony, a testament to our unwavering commitment to organic excellence.

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