Bucking and Trimming 

After several weeks, the curing phase is complete and plants are removed from the totes and enter the trimming phase.

The flowering buds are “bucked’ from the stalks and are trimmed and sorted into several categories: A Flower, B Flower, Trim and Stems.

As a boutique cannabis cultivator, we take great pride in the quality of our final shelf-ready flower. We employ a large post-harvest crew which sorts and trims the cannabis biomass that has been bucked from the stalks.

This image shows one of our post-harvest technicians trimming flower buds, which are then placed in a larger tote that will then be sent to a third party testing lab.

A Flower represents the larger flower buds that are hand selected and undergo a hand-trim by our post harvest team in preparation for testing and then packaging. 

B Flower represents smaller flower buds that can be used for pre-rolls or “smalls” bags – while they have the same THC content and medicinal qualities, they are simply smaller in size. Any remaining flower stems are separated from the buds before they are ground up in their next phase.

Trim represents the “sugar leaves” that are removed from the flower buds. The trim contains THC and terpenes which are then extracted, refined and distilled into THC distillate oil. This oil is then infused into “Processed Goods,” including vaporizers, edibles, topicals, tinctures, etc.

Stems are almost entirely fiber and do not contain any THC or terpenes. The stems are ground up and mixed with soil and other organic material that we compost in traditional flower and vegetable gardens.

A Flower
B Flower
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