Vegetative Stage

The Clones are moved to the Veg room and are “up-potted” to a larger grow medium. Vegetative plants will live in the Veg room for 3-4 weeks, with light intensity gradually increasing as they prepare for a transition to a Flowering room.

The Veg room supplies each of the flowering rooms with fresh plants after each harvest is complete, with a stock of fresh Veg plants ready for transition to flower at the conclusion of each Flowering Rooms' harvest.

Lights are kept on for 18 hours a day, giving the plants 6 hours of “sleep” every evening. This allows the plant to grow tall and strong before they enter their flowering phase.

Once the plants are 8 inches tall, they are tagged with state-mandated RFID METRC compliance tags. 

These yellow tags allow us to consistently and accurately measure the flow of biomass throughout our facility at all times, a critically important compliance and productivity tool.

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