Entering the Flowering Stage

After 3-4 weeks, Veg plants are moved into one of our Flowering Rooms where they will mature and produce the THC and Terpenes that have medicinal qualities.

Throughout the plant’s life cycle, we carefully measure and adjust several critical environmental conditions. These variables include but are not limited to room temperature, humidity, CO2 content in the air, light intensity, nutrient uptake in plants, etc. 

We also measure the plant’s “dry-back periods” to ensure that plants are properly fed and hydrated at optimal time intervals.

Before their transition from Veg to Flowering rooms, flowering plants are defoliated to ensure the plants mature with proper airflow underneath the canopy. Defoliation is a repeatable exercise that ensures proper air circulation and mitigates the growth of mold, fungus and pest pressure in our flowering rooms.

While light intensity changes throughout the course of the flowering process, the lights are on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. This triggers the flowering process and plants begin to grow “buds.”

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